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Vitiligo Treatment

We revitalize dead and non-functioning pigment-producing skin cells.

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The dermatologists at Dermatology Associates of Seattle offer comprehensive care for people with all types of vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a skin condition that occurs when the cells that make pigment, called melanocytes are eliminated. The destruction of these cells causes white patches to appear on the skin. These patches may vary in size, appear on any part of the body and affect males or females of any age or skin tone. Treatment of Vitiligo can be administered to all areas of the body where pigment loss has occured on the body including hair, and eyes.

Our most affective treatment to-date for vitiligo is narrowband UVB phototherapy. This can be done in a walk-in booth to treat the whole body or with a laser to treat localized areas. The lesions respond better to treatment with narrowband UVB if used in combination with a natural supplement and a topical anti-inflammatory cream.

Making an exam for Vitiligo

Not everyone chooses to seek treatment for this condition because it is not life-threatening or contagious. But the white patches on the skin may persist and, over time grow or spread. If vitiligo affects how you feel about your appearance, our doctors have the experience to be able to discuss the most effective treatments for restoring an even skin tone. If you would like to know what options you have for your vitiligo, contact us today and schedule a consultation using the below form.

Our Vitiligo Treatments:

There is no home-run for Vitiligo treatment which is why so many sufferers of the condition have come to our clinic from around the state, country, and globe. Below are the advanced treatments we offer, but what we recommend will be a individualized plan for reaching your optimum result, depending on your skin type, condition and extent of vitiligo coverage.

Narrowband UVB Phototherapy Treatment:

Our onsite phototherapy center that offers full-body phototherapy in as little as 5 to 10 minutes. For people with mild vitiligo, four sessions per month may prevent new patches from developing. For people with moderate to severe vitiligo, dermatologists may recommend two or three sessions per week. Our dermatologists and technicians offer appointments with extended hours to accommodate as many of our patients for phototherapy as we can from our on-site phototherapy center, so your dermatologist will be on-site if you have questions, updates, or additional issues.

About this treatment; phototherapy uses ultraviolet light—the same type of light found in natural sunlight—that has been specially filtered to deliver just those wavelengths most useful for stimulation of repigmentation. Exposure to these focused ultraviolet rays, called UVB rays, may increase the number of melanocytes in areas of skin affected by vitiligo and prevent new white patches from forming. [ Learn more about Phototherapy UVB Treatment }

Excimer Laser Treatment:

At Dermatology Associates, we are proud to say we have the very first Pallas laser in the country after year long tests were successfully done at UCLA.
The excimer laser is a highly focused beam of NBUVB light. Our dermatologists focus the laser directly on the lightened areas of skin using a wand-like device. The UVB light may stimulate repigmentation in the skin, restoring color to white patches.

About this treatment; Excimer Laser Treatment procedures are completely painless and can be administered in our clinic in just a few minutes. Multiple sessions are usually required to achieve the desired results, and our dermatologists may suggest twice-weekly sessions for three months before determining whether further treatment is required. Recently, we have upgraded our excimer laser to the Pallas laser which delivers a slightly different wavelength of light which research has shown should be more effective. You can expect to immediately return to work or continue your daily activities after an excimer/Pallas laser treatment. [ Learn more about Excimer laser treatments }

Topical Medication Treatment:

An important note; Topical medications for vitiligo may be combined with laser treatments or used individually to help to minimize the appearance of depigmented spots on the skin and can help with the laser treatments. Our goal combined goal is to reach your ideal point of treatment as quickly as possible with your ultimate and long-term safety in mind. [ Make an appointment }

Vitiligo Treatment Results: Before & After

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