Vanquish ME™

Radiofrequency treatment which eliminates wide areas of unwanted fat on your abdomin, waist, arms, and thighs.

Vanqish ME Treatment

Vanquish Maximum Energy (Vanquish ME™) by BTL®, is a system designed to eliminate unwanted fat. Treatments use radiofrequency energy to heat fat cells until they are destroyed.

It is an effective non-invasive solution for non-surgical fat reduction. What makes this procedure unique is its ability to target fat with deep-tissue heating, which in turn causes lipolysis, without touching the skin. The laser has high-tech sensors that are able to detect the fat levels in your body, and then deliver a customized level of energy to heat and liquefy the fat. The best part is that the body naturally flushes the dead fat cells, without the need for surgery!

Vanquish ME™ is large enough to target a much more expansive area than ever. Your entire core area may be completed within 30 minutes.

Making an appointment for your Vanquish ME™ Treatment

Anyone who is in good health with minor excess weight is a good candidate for the Vanquish ME Laser. If dieting and exercising just are not working, and you can’t lose those last few inches this procedure may be for you.

Our Vanquish ME™ Treatments:

The Vanquish ME™ treatment is a short session with no recovery time, and no pain. This treatment works by using radiofrequency energy, that senses the fat levels in your body, which delivers a customized deep-tissue heating to eliminate fat. The deep-tissue heating in turn causes lipolysis, or the liquefaction of the targeted fat. Your body will naturally flush the dead fat cells, without the need for surgery.

Vanquish ME™ Abdomin Treatment:

This treatment allows certified providers to drastically reduce the circumference of your entire abdominal area. The procedure disrupts fatty cells through the selective heating of adipose tissue, a process which leads to fatty cell shrinkage and ultimate elimination.

Vanquish ME™ Arm Treatment:

The back, upper arms, and bra strap area can be specifically treated with Vanquish ME™ applicators. This eliminate fat from the core outwards. The treatment device can be used without touching the skin and provides consistent body contouring results when delivered by a certified provider.

Vanquish ME™ Thigh Treatment:

Designed to target inner thighs, outer thighs and saddlebags; the Vanquish ME™ Thigh Treatment delivers fat burning directly to the core and working outwards. Giving you a true, loss of fat where it's most difficult to reach through excercise and diet.

Vanquish ME Treatment Results: Before & After

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Vanquish Fat ReductionBefore / After
Vanquish ME SeattleBefore / After