Unfortunately, you can't buy one laser that does everything for all skin types and all concerns.

We have to think outside the box a little to deliver the best results for multiple concerns. In our office here at Dermatology Associates of Seattle, we have quite a few tools (laser, RF). Still, even then, we have to develop combination treatment options to meet patients' expectations and get the best possible results. My preferred combination treatments to perform are on the Sciton Joule platform.

BroadBand Light (BBL):
BBL targets lentigines or brown spots caused by sun exposure and red skin with telangiectasia (broken veins) most commonly found on the wall of noses, chin, or the cheeks' apples. This treatment does not break the skin, so healing from BBL treatment is rapid but can depend on how to damage your skin is or how many treatments you have had.

Halo Intense Pulse Light (IPL):
Halo IPL is a laser, unlike BBL, which is a powerful light. Halo is unique because it has two different laser wavelengths that fire simultaneously. Halo uses 2940nm Er: YAG to deliver 100% ablative and 1470nm diode, producing 100% coagulation to epidermis and dermis. These wavelengths are all adjustable to different skin types, texture, or the sheer amount of sun damage that needs resurfacing treatment. Remember, the more aggressive you get with the Halo, the more you will need to adjust your healing time.

Same-Day Combo Treatments:
We offer same-day BBL + Halo treatments which is a super effective treatment for sun damage, broken capillaries, facial flushing, texture, light scarring, fine lines, and skin tightening.

Supercharging Your Combo Treatment:
If you desire amplified results and a faster healing time, ask about including Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment.

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Janell Bailey, LMA
Master Licensed Aesthetician
Dermatology Associates of Seattle

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