When diet and exercise are no longer enough to reduce stubborn fat, Vanquish ME treatments are a safe, affordable alternative.

What is Vanquish?
Vanquish treatment reduces the overall circumference of the treatment area by using a large applicator that selectively heats fat tissue. There’s no pain, downtime or unevenness and Vanquish ME is considered one of the safest treatments for fat reduction available. Prior to treatment patients will meet with one of our medical providers to review all pertinent health history.

How soon can you see results?
Typically results can be seen in 1-3 months and few may take a little longer. Results do not depend upon patients exercising although we do recommend combining treatments with a healthy lifestyle. People who are close to their ideal weight generally see the best results but ultimately everyone is a candidate for this treatment.

What areas can you Vanquish?
Your mommy tummy, your muffin top, thigh gaps, saddle bags, bra roll, back fat and don’t forget your bat wings.

When should you start treatment?
If you’re wanting to see results and transform your body prior to an event such as your high school reunion or a wedding it’s best to start treatments 2-3 months before.
BTL Vanquish ME is the hottest, non-invasive body shaping treatment option available. To learn more please contact our office.

Janell Bailey, LMA
Master Licensed Aesthetician
Dermatology Associates of Seattle

Janell Bailey, Licensed Master Aesthetician at Dermatology Associates of Seattle is available for secured virtual consultations. For scheduling and information on our virtual appointments, visit us at virtual.dermatology.associates