The use of these fillers and the very nature of the fillers used have evolved. We now have years of study of the aging face to see what contributes to the aged appearance.

Our understanding of how our anatomy changes as we age has advanced in leaps and bounds in the last ten years. We have developed techniques for using these facial fillers to correct the effects of aging instead of just filling wrinkles which is how we started.

As a result, we can now achieve very pleasing and natural-looking results by strategically placing the correct amount of the right kind of filler. The amount of correction is at least in part directly proportional to the amount of filler injected, and we will do our best to estimate the amount of filler needed at your consultation.

Be aware that fillers get resorbed by the body, so touch-up treatments will be necessary to maintain your youthful appearance.

Peter Jenkin, MD, FAAD, FRCPC
Board-Certified Dermatologist,
Clinic Director
Dermatology Associates of Seattle

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