Rosacea Treatment

Solutions for skin dryness, oily skin, rashes that look like acne, or swollen blood vessels in the skin, resulting in dryness or puffy eyes. Also common: itching, large and bulbous red nose, or red face

Rosacea Treatment in Seattle

Rosacea, also known as acne rosacea, is a condition without a known cause. It occurs most commonly over the age of 40 in both men and women.

The four cardinal signs of rosacea are pimples, redness, flushing, and rhinophyma (thickening of the nose). Occasionally, it can also affect the eyes, causing grittiness and redness (ocular rosacea). Over time, permanently dilated blood vessels can form on the cheeks and nose.

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Our Rosacea Treatments:

Our award-winning, board-certified dermatologists offer various medical treatments to manage rosacea symptoms, including topical and oral medications that reduce breakouts, and laser and electrosurgical therapies that minimize redness and blood vessels.

Rosacea Topical Treatment:

For many people, rosacea's highly visible symptoms affect their willingness to interact socially, especially in public or in the workplace. Although there is no cure for rosacea, its symptoms can be controlled with proper treatment. Specialists at Dermatology Associates of Seattle may recommend a combination of topical and oral medications at the start of treatment. These medications can alleviate facial redness and inflammation and reduce the occurrence of blemishes. Topical treatments, applied to your skin in cream or gel form, are available in different concentrations. After symptoms are under control, many people transition to using only topical medications. To keep symptoms from returning, you may need to use topical medications on a long-term basis. Our entire team and clinic work closely with you to find a treatment plan specific to your condition that targets your particular symptoms to ensure a good fit with your current lifestyle. Our goal is to control rosacea rather than have rosacea controlling you. [ Make an appointment }

Rosacea Laser Treatment:

Laser therapy uses highly focused, powerful beams of light to alleviate redness and reduce surface blood vessels' size and appearance. Sometimes lasers may be used to reduce the thickened outer layers of skin that accumulate on the nose in rhinophyma, a condition associated with rosacea that causes the nose to become bumpy and swollen. Recovery after laser therapy varies based on the extent of the treatment. Your skin may have a shiny or irritated appearance or be more sensitive for a few days, and you should avoid being in the sun. If your job requires a lot of face-to-face interaction with others, you may prefer to stay home from work for a few days while your skin heals. [ Make an appointment }

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