Nose Job (Non-Surgical)

Treats nose dents, nose depressions, and nose humps by smoothing contour abnormalities.

Seattle Nose Job

As one of the top dermatologic surgeons in Seattle, Dr. Peter Jenkin utilizes gentle touch and dermal fillers to provide patients with non-surgical nose jobs. The procedure is to inject a filler to enhance the nasal shape or straighten the nasal bridge without surgery.

For patients who want to avoid the downtime required with rhinoplasty, this procedure offers excellent results to make the nose look more proportional and smoother in the frame of the face. The injection is usually limited to the areas of depression, giving a much softer line, especially when looking from the side. Ask about the benefits of a filler injection in other areas that can help restore a more youthful shape and volume to the face. Every patient who visits Dr. Jenkin will get advice based on many years of experience. Fillers that are used for a non-surgical rhinoplasty in our office include Juvederm, Versa, and Restylane.

The procedure will not reduce your nose's size, but patients will experience more symmetry that smoothes contour abnormalities. Patients will receive an injection to augment or raise a flat bridge, reduce depressions or dents, and reduce a hump's appearance on the bridge. Individuals that are unsatisfied with a prior surgical procedure can find an injection helpful for redefining their appearance.

Our non-surgical Nose job treatment takes less than a half-hour

Once you've made a consultation regarding your treatment, Dr. Jenkin will determine the next steps for our clinic's non-surgical procedure. Patients will receive injections of FDA approved fillers that are fully tested, safe, and long-lasting.

Our Non-surgical treatments:

Dr. Jenkin's non-invasive treatments are complemented by his range of procedures, including quite a list of a non-surgical facelift, body lift, eye lifts, and lip lift procedures. Some procedures use radiofrequency to lift sagging skin; others use bio thread technology to lift sagging facial skin physically. To learn more about the benefits and options available for non-surgical nose jobs, Seattle, schedule a consultation with Dr. Jenkin. He will discuss the details and methods with each patient, providing personalized treatments for the best results.

Our Non-Surgical Nose Job (rhinoplasty) Treatment:

The procedure is not painful, though it is an injection. There is no recovery period, and Dr. Jenkin will use a filler containing some local anesthetic. Dr. Jenkin will request a follow-up examination one week after the procedure as his constant goal is to provide patients with beautiful results. [ Make an appointment }

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Non-surgical Nose JobBefore / After
Seattle Non-surgical Nose JobBefore / After
Seattle NosejobBefore / After