Liquid treatment for thinning, inadequate, or non-existant eyelashes.

Latisse Seattle

A revolutionary new product which is FDA-approved and capable of growing eyelashes for people with inadequate, thinning, or non-existant lashes.

For the majority of patients seeking eyelash rejuvenation, Latisse®️ has worked well to grow their lashes, which mirrors what has been seen Latisse®️ clinical studies. The lashes grow gradually over time with some people beginning to see longer lashes in about four weeks, with full growth at 16 weeks.

Latisse®️ clinical study shows after being conducted at 16 sites across the country which included 278 people over a 16-week treatment period, each participant was photographed and evaluated at 4-week intervals (week 0 to week 16) for differences in their overall lash prominence, including length, thickness and darkness.

At the end of the 16-week treatment period, the results showed that Latisse®️ increased eyelashes growth in 78% (107/137) of those participating vs. 18% (26/141) for those in the vehicle group (the vehicle was the same solution as Latisse®️, but without the active ingredient).

Specifically, patients treated with Latisse®️ in the clinical study experienced a:
• 25% increase in lash length (vs. 2% for vehicle)
• 106% increase in lash thickness/fullness (vs. 12% for vehicle)
• 18% increase in lash darkness (vs. 3% for vehicle)

Making an appointment for your Latisse Lash Treatment

Latisse®️ is the only eyelash rejuvenation treatment we would recommend. Latisse®️ injections are administered from medically trained personnel, if you would like to schedule a consultation to see if this is right for you, please request an appointment.

Our Latisse®️ Lash Treatments:

Latisse®️ contains a lipid compound called bimatoprost. When used to treat glaucoma it works by lowering pressure within the eye. For cosmetic benefits, Latisse®️ works by lengthening the period by which hair grows, along with the number of hairs that are produced. In this case, Latisse is not placed in the eye but is brushed along the lash line of the upper eyelid using the provided applicator. Then as you blink, the drug spreads to your lower lash line automatically. Latisse®️ encourages growth of thicker, darker, and longer eyelashes with regular applications along the upper eyelid. Patients usually note results within one month of treatment. However, treatment does not result in permanent changes. When treatments are stopped, your eyelashes will eventually return to their original appearance.

Latisse®️ Eyelash Restoration Treatment:

With regular applications along the lash line of the upper eyelid, Latisse®️ gradually encourages growth of longer, thicker and darker eyelashes. Latisse®️ isn't meant to be applied to the lower eyelid. For full results, you must use the medication daily for at least two months. Eyelash improvements remain as long as you continue to use the medication. When you stop using LATISSE®️, your eyelashes will eventually return to their original appearance.

Latisse®️ Lash Treatment Results: Before & After

Latisse SeattleBefore / After
Latisse Lash TreatmentBefore / After
Latisse LashesBefore / After