We keep them just in case we get motivated to go on a diet, exercise more, and a few of us hope that somebody comes up with a miracle pill or treatment that will magically give us our “perfect body” again. This might be the treatment for you.

To melt off our extra “goodness” that we all eventually get, starting Now is very important with Vanquish Me treatments to get our bodies summer ready, wedding-ready, or just to fit into those damn jeans again. VanquishME by BTL was released in the UK in 2013 as non-surgical fat removal using radio frequency technology. The panel of the Vanquish ME hovers 1-3 inches over the target area, such as the abdomen or thighs. Radiofrequency that is specifically tuned to fat passes through the skin to unwanted fat, causing disruption of fatty cells through selective heating, causing cell breakage and elimination via the lymph system. Hydration of your body before and after your treatment is essential for the removal of dead fat cells. Light exercising or lymphatic massage can be helpful too.

Results obviously will vary from person to person. Still, we know combination therapies such as good healthy diets, exercising, and or adding Emsculpt treatments will give us the best result that lasts.

Vanquish ME is not a miracle treatment, but it is pretty close.

Health Benefits of Vanquish ME by BTL:
• Non-surgical (non-invasive)
• Non-contact
• No pain
• No downtime
• Lowers blood pressure
• Removes unhealthy levels of fat

Janell Bailey, LMA
Licensed Master Aesthetician
Dermatology Associates of Seattle

Janell Bailey, Master Licensed Aesthetician at Dermatology Associates of Seattle is available for secured virtual consultation. For scheduling and information on our virtual appointments, visit us at virtual.dermatology.associates