Facial Hair Removal

Removing unwanted hair while treating folliculitis, razor burn, ingrown hairs, and poor skin health.

Facial Hair Removal Seattle

Improves skin pore health (less bacteria, germs, and dirt particles) and skin tone (due to less shaving, waxing, chemicals, ingrown hairs, and folliculitis) with improved comfort, and a smoother skin.

Laser Hair Removal is a common treatment for people with unwanted hair. While some are bothered by the inconvenience of tweezing, shaving or waxing, others experience embarrassment because of the presence of hair in large areas of the body that some consider unsightly. Whatever the reason, unwanted hair is eliminated at light speed (literally) with precise and quickly administered treatment.

Simply put, Laser Hair Removal is safer, healthier, less costly, and more permanent than waxing, plucking, shaving, electrolysis, and chemical removal treatments. Our laser hair removal is so effective that most clients see hair gone forever after a few sessions.

Safer, healthier, less costly, and time saving hair removal

Everyone's skin is different, so you may need multiple sessions to obtain ideal results and be successfully treated for perfectly hairless and smooth skin. Schedule a laser hair removal appointment with one of our Master Licensed Aestheticians, and start improving your skin's health, look, and feel today.

Our Facial Hair Removal Treatments:

Dermatology Associates of Seattle makes dermatologic recommendations that are best for your skin health, particular skin type, and desired outcome starting with a brief consultation. Patient treatments and plans vary by skin type and circumstances but its best to expect a significant reduction rather than total eradication, of all hair. Typical response from our hair removal procedures is 80%-90% reduction of target hair growth in several treatments. More complete removal can probably be accomplished with a few more treatments. Once the hair is removed, it is gone permanently. As with all treatments, individual results may vary.

Our Dark & Thick Hair Removal Treatment:

We have advanced hair removal lasers for dark hair. During treatments, light passes through the skin and is absorbed by the melanin in the root of the hair follicle. The absorption of the laser light raises the temperature of the follicle and eliminates each cell responsible for hair growth. The wavelength, pulse duration, and power of the light ensure damage to these cells and do not affect the rest of the skin. Once the hair follicle has been neutralized, it will shortly thereafter completely dissipate in the coming weeks. Red hair does not respond well and white hair doesn't respond at all to any laser treatments. [ Make an appointment }

Our Facial Hair Removal Treatment:

Most have hair in places they might not want it, such as sideburns that you've always wanted to get rid of or facial hair that extends to the point of discomfort or annoyance. Let us get this out of the way for you so you will look and feel your best you. With Laser Hair Removal at Dermatology Associates, you can say goodbye to unwanted hair anywhere. Facial Laser Hair Removal can safely, delicately, effectively and permanently reduce the hair, without the harmful effects shaving can have on your skin. Our lasers are powerful enough to get rid of the most annoying hairs, and sensitive enough to work on your face, so you can put your confidence in our expert medical staff. The most commonly treated areas for men are the neck, neckline, and beard. For women, common treatment areas include the upper lip, sideburns, chin, and neck. [ Make an appointment }

Our Eyebrow Sculpting Treatment:

A little separation is a good thing when it comes to eyebrows. Regardless of your unibrow's hair density, it can become a visual distraction causing insecurity. Fortunately, we have an easy solution we call our Unibrow Laser Treatment; not to be confused with eyebrow shaping, this treatment targets the hair between the eyebrows. The precision of our lasers targets hair follicles using light pulses, which effectively remove hair from the target area quickly and safely.
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Our Neckline Hair Removal Treatment:

Our lasers target and destroy hair follicles from your neckline to the point that the hair sheds and ceases regrowth. Our medical practitioners have access to the most precise and advanced hair lasers in the state which makes treatments safe and fast (full back hair removal procedure in about an hour), making our services popular with men seeking freedom from unappealing neck, and facial hair. [ Make an appointment }

Facial Hair Removal Treatment Results: Before & After

Facial Hair Removal SeattleBefore / After
Unibrow RemovalBefore / After
Eyebrow SculptingBefore / After