Electromagnetic muscle generatiing treatment for soft abs, belly fat, fat thighs, back pain, low metabolism, low self-esteem, high blood pressure, core strength (improves), flabby areas, and turkey arms.

Emsculpt Body Sculpting

Unlike surgical procedures (which have extensive health setbacks) and CoolSculpting®️ (which destroys adipose tissue), Emsculpt®️ eliminates fat, increases strength and improves metabolism by developing existing, natural muscle fibers, thereby increasing muscle mass with natural looking results.

Emsculpt® is not only for body sculpting, it's non-surgical treatment requires zero anesthesia, incisions, or freezing chemicals. Additionally, you do not experience any downtime or recovery from this treatment. It doesn't stop there, though - Emsculpt increases your body's metabolism, which means you not only lose fat in your body, but you will also increase your body's digestive health encouraging further physical health benefits. It builds real muscle while destroying fat cells and strengthening your core.

Unlike surgical procedures, Emsculpt® looks natural because it is natural. Your body is growing back existing muscles and forms to the natural shape of your body, and has also proven to be helpful with athletes and patients recovering from physical injuries, allowing them to gain muscle without the strain of exercise.

Making an appointment for a Emsculpt® Treatment

During the treatment, fat cells are destroyed, but this does not mean that you cannot experience weight gain, which causes the remaining cells to grow. The muscle mass gained from the treatment is not permanent, but it will be noticed for at least six months or longer, in some cases. You can maintain the muscle tone by having periodic Emsculpt treatments after the initial round.

Our Emsculpt® Treatments:

The Emsculpt process involves simultaneously building muscle while 'burning' fat; it does this by generating electromagnetic pulses that make your muscles contract about 20,000 times in 30 minutes. The result is a strengthening of your muscle fibers. Those same ultra-fast contractions also induce your muscles to release chemicals that cause fat cells in the target area to break down.

Emsculpt® Ab Sculpting Treatment:

(six pack abs, removing stubborn fat areas, decreasing back pain) A 30-minute treatment is equivalent to 20,000 sit ups or squats. It is the only procedure to help both women and men build muscle to sculpt their bodies. Increase your body's true core strength (unobtainable through extensive workout routines), and decrease back pain (feedback from +80% of our Emsculpt patients.

Emsculpt® Arm Sculpting Treatment:

(turkey arms, upper and lower bicepts) When it comes to a person’s physique, the way one’s arms look speaks volumes about your fitness. Arms are where people flaunt their muscle tone during the summer. Having flabby arms can make an otherwise flattering outfit turn embarrassing. It can make you look heavier than you really are, and if you’re male, can also lead women to lose interest in you.

Emsculpt® Butt Lift Treatment:

(Upper and lower buttocks) You might be thinking “A completely nonsurgical product that can help me achieve the body of my dreams? No way.” However, the Emsculpt treatment by BTL Aesthetics is FDA-cleared and approved to burn fat and build muscle mass, without incisions or stitches.

Emsculpt® Leg Toning Treatment:

(upper and lower legs, thighs) When fat cells push against connective tissue, they can cause the skin to develop a lumpy, dimpled appearance, also known as cellulite, which is common on the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, hips and arms. EMSCULPT burns fat from these problem areas while strengthening muscle and increasing strength.

Emsculpt® Treatment Results: Before & After

Emsculpt Butt LiftBefore / After
Emsculpt AbsBefore / After
Emsculpt ButtliftBefore / After