The neck area is one of the most common places to show signs of aging along with the hands and face. If you are seeing mottled pigment, freckles, or sun damage on your neck, here are a few helpful hints and tips to understand.

The skin on your neck has less sebaceous (oil) glands leaving it prone to dryness and potential irritations. Keeping that in mind, ablative treatments on the neck require milder settings than what you may be accustomed to on the face. As always, it’s important to use an SPF on the neck both before and after treatments.

Keeping your neck moisturized and protected can also help to prevent signs of aging. If you are looking to improve tone, texture, and laxity of the skin we have a few treatment options and skincare products to help improve the appearance of your neck.

Treatments options:

BBL Neckline Treatment:
Broadband light treatment that reduces brown spots and the signs of aging. [ Learn more ]

Skintyte Neckline Treatment:
Infrared light treatment that creates heat to stimulate collagen and elastin for a tighter skin. [ Learn more ]

Exilis Elite Neckline Treatment:
Uses radio frequency to stimulate collagen and elastin. [ Learn more ]

Neocutis Micro-firm Neck and Décolleté Cream:
This cream is heavy in peptides which enhance and promote collagen and elasticity. It also has glycolic acid and vitamin C that will help give a micro-exfoliation and preserve the skin’s youthfulness. Lastly, jojoba and argan oils are also included in this cream to assist with moisture and hydration. Available only through prescription.

Janell Bailey, LMA
Master Licensed Aesthetician
Dermatology Associates of Seattle

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