Our bodies are meant to help heal parts of themselves. With medical needling – we encourage the cells to produce collagen and elastin to improve the healing process of the skin.

Medical Needling is also known by the name Collagen Induction Therapy. Dr. Des Fernandez pioneered the first skin roller and authored the informative book on needling, “Your Skin Factory: Why you need skin needling” along with Jennifer Munro, and Dr. Matthias Aust. According to the book, “Collagen Induction Therapy means pricking the skin deeply with tiny needles to make the repair shop work.”

CIT is available in three different styles (cosmetic, medical, and surgical needling) and are categorized by the depth of penetration caused by the needle. At Dermatology Associates of Seattle we perform two of these styles: Cosmetic and Medical needling.

Cosmetic home Needling is not collagen Induction therapy but still falls under the category of micro needling. Instead with cosmetic home needling we use short needles that do not penetrate deep enough to pierce the blood vessels and cause no pain. This treatment can be done at home by purchasing a home roller and has the main goal of enhancing the effectiveness of product applied to the skin by only piercing the top layer of the skin.

Medical Needling must be done by a trained professional using a topical anesthetic. This is the process of piercing tiny blood vessels releasing amazing growth factors, including the transformative growth factors, which help create new collagen improving light scars, light wrinkles, skin laxity, stretch marks, and more!

The third type of CIT is surgical needling which is only performed by a doctor using regional anesthetic and is used mainly for deep scars.

Master Aesthetician, Janell Bailey, loves medical needling, “Almost everyone can do it! All ages, almost all skin conditions, it works for everyone from scars to rejuvenations!”

With all the research to back it up, Medical Needling has become one of the most sought after procedures to maintain a youthful, flawless complexion.

Janell Bailey, LMA
Master Licensed Aesthetician
Dermatology Associates of Seattle

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