With a specialty in contact dermatitis and over 25 years of active practice, Dr. Welch helps patients of all ages to determine the cause of their skin conditions. From a young age, he had an interest in science and living things.

Dr. Welch firmly believes in the importance of care in addition to technical knowledge in his medical practice and enjoys being able to help his patients improve their health and see results.

"Dermatology combines an intriguing convergence of numerous different cells and molecules present in the skin. It’s fascinating to me how they interact with each other, and with the physical and biological factors encountered in the environment."

From solutions as simple as having a patient switch their brand of soap to prescribing specialized treatments, Dr. Welch has the experience, dedication, and expertise to provide the highest quality of service for his patients.

"I always under-promise, and over-deliver." — Masrshall Welch, MD, FAAD