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Results in less than 30 minutes with zero downtime and health-benefiting results.

Dermal Fillers Seattle

Our dermal filler treatments address the loss of volume in the cheeks, sagging jowls, thin lips, lack of definition in the jawline, nasolabial folds, smile lines, fine lines, wrinkles throughout the face, wrinkles across the forehead, vertical lines on the upper lip, smoker's lines, and bags under eyes.

Our single mission is to maintain healthy skin for our patients, which is why we are proud of our select line of dermal fillers that are not only effective, but include health benefits rather than health risks. This goal means you look amazing without compromising your health while obtaining superior results.

Our award-winning, board-certified dermatologists and dermatologic researchers are constantly monitoring and testing approved and regulated dermal fillers on the market, helping bring the industries best dermal fillers directly to you.

Premium Dermal Filler Treatment without Compromise

Each Dermal Filler brand we carry treat a specific area and condition. Our award-winning, board-certified dermatologists will know (after a brief initial consultation) which is the best for both your skin needs and particular requirements. This step is not only the key to success, but ensures the best results for your desired outcome while taking advantage of the associated health benefits from the treatment. If you're looking for a touch-up in your face or would like to reverse the signs of aging, we provide among the best dermal and facial fillers Seattle and the Dermatology industry have to offer.

Our Dermal Filler Treatments:

Under the guidance of our board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Peter Jenkin, our providers have advanced medical training and experience for optimal results. Our providers administer dermal fillers in a way which enhances your desired look and natural beauty, bringing out your very best facial qualities with natural looking results. Avoid compromising when it comes to your facial skin.


Used in more than 15 million treatments worldwide, Restylane delivers lasting treatment for wrinkles throughout the face and is a safe and effective way to diminish fine lines around the mouth and nose when administered by a certified injection specialist. This popular injectable filler smooths the nasolabial folds or the lines that span from the base of the nose down to the corners of the mouth. This dermal filler also diminishes the appearance of marionette lines that run from the edges of the mouth down to the jawline. Some other common reasons our South Lake Union aesthetic patients opt for these dermal filler injections are for the correction of other aesthetic complaints such as sagging jowls, recessive chins, disappearing cheekbones, and under-eye bags. [ Learn more about Restylane }

Restylane Silk:

Ideal for those seeking smoother lips and reduced lip lines with a natural aesthetic result, Restylane Silk may be the perfect choice for those who desire more luscious lips. Do you dream of restoring a little pucker to your pout that has slowly disappeared as you've aged? Whether you were born with thin lips, have lips that don't match, or you've formed wrinkles around your mouth that have thinned them out over time, dermal fillers like Restylane Silk, an exciting new facial filler in downtown Seattle, can help restore a more youthful appearance. [ Learn more about Restylane Silk }


Sculptra is used to add volume to areas of the face which can improve shallow to deep facial wrinkles. Sculptra's FDA approval came through In 2009 for the correction of folds and wrinkles that form between the nose and the lip and the marionette lines. The Sculptra is also used to minimize the appearance of some scars. Its effects are gradual and long-lasting. As you grow older, the collagen in your skin breaks down. This is due to the normal aging process and sun exposure over the years, resulting in wrinkling and sagging skin. The Sculptra is not a filler but a biostimulant which promotes the regeneration of new collagen which time has stripped away, gradually reviving your appearance without drastically altering it. Some of the cosmetic issues this popular anti-aging treatment is used to correct include smile lines, chin wrinkles, scarring, marionette lines, and hollow cheeks. [ Learn more about Sculptra }

Ravanesse Versa:

Versa is a remarkably homogenous filler due to advanced wet milling technology and proprietary formula. Its particles are uniquely spherical and uniform, providing the perfect balance between smoothness and volume. The spherical particle shape is developed to breakdown slowly over time. For added longevity, VersaTM exclusively uses premium quality HA with a notably high molecular weight. The VersaTM formula is designed to be balanced with the skin's natural water content, producing less swelling after injection, and the high viscosity of VersaTM allows it to be accurately injected with a super-fine needle. [ Learn more about Versa }

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