Advanced dermatologic freezing for removing signs of acne, scars, lesions, and abnormal skin growths.


The award-winning, board-certified dermatologic surgeons at Dermatology Associates of Seattle offer comprehensive cryosurgery for abmormal skin growths and scarring using the latest in effective and proven treatments.

Cryosurgery uses liquid nitrogen, which is a cold, liquified gas with a temperature of 196°C below zero. It freezes and destroys superficial skin growths such as warts and keratoses. Some hours after liquid nitrogen treatment your skin may become slightly swollen and red; later on it may form a crust, scab, or blister. This gradually heals and resolves over the course of 3-5 days. The procedure is painless and causes no suffering or side-effects.

Making a cryosurgery appointment

If you think you have something that could be successfully treated with cryosurgery or would like to know other options available for treatment then please call for a consultation at your earliest convenience.

Our Cryosurgery Procedures:

Abnormal skin growths of any kind can be extremely uncomfortable as well as a risk to your health. It's important to avoid self-care of any growth on your skin to avoid neglecting what is most likely a deeper issue. Our preferred mode of treatment for these little invaders is cryosurgery which is quick, pain free, and effective if carried out by a dermatologist.

Cryosurgery Procedures:

The use of Liquid Nitrogen surgically is known medically as Cryosurgery. It is used frequently by dermatologists to treat many skin problems. Liquid nitrogen is sprayed on to the area of skin freezing it. Cryosurgery is almost never the only option for treatment but it is frequently the best option. We here at Dermatology Associates are happy to discuss alternative treatments for these various skin conditions. [ Make an appointment }

Sun Damage Treatment Results: Before & After

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Cryosurgery dermatologyBefore / After