CLn Skin Care

CLn Skin Care

CLn Skin Care offers a new approach to challenging skin for those prone to eczema, acne, rash, infection, and more. There's a reason it's recommended by over 6,000 doctors worldwide!

Developed by physicians & clinically tested, recommended by thousands of doctors, 100% free of steroids, antibiotics, parabens & triclosan, gentle & easy-to-use formula that is non-drying to skin, and proven effective in cleansing red, itchy, dry or flaky skin.

It's been fulfilling to hear from patients that our CLn®️ washes are benefiting them greatly. We get testimonials and 5-star reviews from parents of children with eczema, athletes, diabetics, acne sufferers, and many dermatology patients. They report healthier looking skin and renewed confidence, which adds up to a better quality of life. As a physician, that is what I am all about. Thank you for joining us on this journey to help compromised skin.

What Makes CLn Products So Effective:

Dr. Azam Anwar is a renowned cardiologist and has developed many groundbreaking products, including a heart stent and contrast injector. Ten years ago, he noticed a patch of dry skin on his left leg, but did not give it much thought. However, a week later, the small area had expanded rapidly across his lower leg, becoming red and painful. He visited a dermatologist who immediately diagnosed him with MRSA cellulitis. MRSA (methicillin resistant staph aureus) is a strain of staph bacteria that has become resistant to various antibiotics; it can cause a rapidly worsening skin and tissue infection known as cellulitis.

As antibiotics are mandatory for an aggressive skin infection, Dr. Anwar began a prescription. Soon after he was also prescribed bleach baths because he could not tolerate the commonly used chlorhexidine skin cleanser. It became clear that the medical community was in need of more effective skin cleansers.

As a life-long innovator and inventor, Dr. Anwar became determined to find a better way to help people address compromised and troubled skin through a new skin cleansing approach. So began a journey with dermatologists and other scientists to bring a truly different skin cleanser the market. The product had to be effective and affordable, as well as easy and safe for the entire family to use.

Our CLn Line of Products:

CLn Acne Cleanser

CLn Acne Cleanser:

An innovative formula designed by dermatologists, its patented formula is the only acne wash that contains 0.5% salicylic acid and is preserved with sodium hypochlorite. CLn Acne Cleanser effectively cleanses skin and offers the following benefits includes clearing acne breakouts by eliminating clogged pores, helping fight bacteria & gently exfoliates, eliminating excess oil, reducing the appearance of redness while promoting smooth, healthy looking skin. It also helps avoid irritation and razor bumps caused by shaving (folliculitis). The mild formulation effectively cleanses acne-prone or oily skin, yet avoids the drying effects of many topical treatments. It also won’t bleach clothes or towels, unlike cleansers containing benzoyl peroxide.

CLn Acne Cleanser is designed to penetrate pores to stop new breakouts before they begin. Because it is formulated to be mild and effective, it can be used every day—unlike other cleansers that can dry or irritate acne-prone skin.

CLn BodyWash

CLn BodyWash:

For years, physicians have known that medicated baths can effectively cleanse compromised skin and decrease the spread of infection. However, skin sufferers find these baths unpleasant and impractical. CLn partnered with leading dermatologists to create a sodium hypochlorite wash. It harnesses the most important ingredient of medicated baths in the form of a clinically proven, effective daily cleanser that won’t ruin clothes and is gentle on the skin. Clinically proven to effectively cleanse skin. CLn Bodywash is dermatologist-recommended for use before applying creams/ointments for skin prone to eczema, infection, folliculitis, acne, rashes, redness, and general itching.

Virtually anyone prone to rashes, infection, eczema, folliculitis, acne or skin irritation can use CLn. It can replace a daily shower gel/soap, making it easy to fit into an existing routine. CLn BodyWash's gentle, non-drying formula can be used daily on problem skin without causing irritation. With continued use, CLn leaves skin looking smooth, clear, healthy and refreshed.

CLn Facial Cleanser

CLn Facial Cleanser:

Sensitive skin needs special care. CLn Facial Cleanser, unlike many other “gentle face washes,” effectively cleanses skin, and also helps maintain skin’s moisture balance. It leaves skin feeling clean, refreshed and soothed. It carries the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance.

CLn Facial Cleaner is dermatologist-recommended to clean skin prone to dryness, eczema, rosacea, acne, irritation, and infections due to shaving or hair removal. Anyone with sensitive skin can use our facial cleanser.

CLn Facial Cleanser is formulated to minimize tightness and stinging, won’t bleach clothes and leaves no residue or fragrance behind. It is simply lathered on wet skin for 30 seconds and rinsed off. The cleanser can be followed by CLn Facial Moisturizer, if necessary.

CLn Facial Moisturizer

CLn Facial Moisturizer:

Water is essential to skin function. Without proper hydration, your complexion can look worn, dull or aged, and your skin can feel tight and uncomfortable. CLn Facial Moisturizer is a lightweight, quick-absorbing formula with niacinamide and ceramide complex. It helps strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and has a calming effect. CLn Facial Moisturizer is dermatologist-recommended for all skin types, particularly those prone to redness, dryness, flaking, eczema, acne, and rosacea.

Awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance, CLn Facial Moisturizer soothes dry skin, locks in moisture and reduces the appearance of redness, inflammation and dryness. CLn Facial Moisturizer is nourishing and lightweight, but won’t clog pores. It can be used after cleansing, and is even suitable for acne-prone skin. .

CLn Gentle Shampoo

CLn Gentle Shampoo:

CLn Gentle Shampoo is designed for normal-to-dry scalps prone to itching, dermatitis and eczema. It is preserved with sodium hypochlorite, but unlike CLn Shampoo, it does not contain salicylic acid. It can be used daily without irritation or drying, and carries the National Eczema Seal of Acceptance.

This Gentle Shampoo contains glycerin and scalp conditioners. It is formulated to gently and effectively cleanse normal-to-dry hair and scalps prone to itching, dryness, dermatitis, and eczema.

CLn Gentle Shampoo is effective at cleansing hair and scalps, but can also be used to shave areas prone to razor bumps or folliculitis. Simply use in lieu of shaving cream on any problem areas. Designed by physicians, it is routinely recommended by doctors for those suffering from sensitive scalp conditions.

CLn Hand and Foot Wash

CLn Hand & Foot Wash:

Hands and feet are subject to friction, blisters, cracks and cuts. They come into contact with millions of microbes and bacteria on a daily basis, and any openings in the skin put them at increased risk of infection. Effective cleansing, particularly between toes and around nail beds, is essential for maintaining healthy extremities. CLn Hand & Foot Wash was designed to offer a fast, effective deep clean. One minute of scrubbing hands, feet and nails with CLn Hand & Foot Wash removes grime and odor. The wash is easy to use, and suitable for hands, feet and nails prone to infection, fungus, athlete’s foot, foot odor, and dry skin. CLn Hand & Foot Wash is an innovative, concentrated formula.

CLn Hand & Foot Wash was designed by physicians to offer high performance cleansing but to be gentle enough to use every day. It does not contain any abrasives, making it ideal for those that must work hard to protect their feet and hands.

CLn Shampoo

CLn Shampoo:

CLn Shampoo is designed for normal-to-oily scalps and hair. It cleanses pores and hair shafts, leaving scalps rejuvenated and hair fresh. Designed by physicians to remove unwanted oils and dead skin cells, CLn works on scalps and beards. It is effective cleansing for those prone to itching, folliculitis, razor bumps and burns, ingrown hair, dandruff, including beard dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, beard acne, and oily skin and scalp.

Our shampoo can be used on normal-to-oily scalps and beards, 1-3 times a week. It can even be used prior to shaving heads or facial hair grooming to achieve a clean shaving surface, which minimizes potential for folliculitis. CLn Shampoo is fragrance-free. It has no medicinal odors, comes in an elegant bottle and offers a pleasant usage experience. And because there is no scent left behind, it can be followed with a conditioner, aftershave or cologne of your choice—with no competing fragrances.

CLn SportWash

CLn SportWash:

Staying healthy means working your heart and your muscles, but skin—the body’s largest organ—should not be overlooked.

Activities in gyms, training facilities and physically demanding workplaces can chaff and irritate skin. Such environments are also teeming with microbes, like bacteria and fungi, that are easily passed through physical contact or contaminated surfaces. Compromised skin is more susceptible to infection, and requires effective cleansing.

CLn SportWash is an innovative, concentrated formula designed to effectively cleanse skin at risk for infection. CLn Sportwash treats Itching, folliculitis, razor bumps and burns, ingrown hair, dandruff, including beard dandruff, seborrheic dermatitis, beard acne, oily skin and scalp.

Think Clinically Clean

The first step in fighting skin concerns is finding which CLn product is right for your particular needs which are different from others and require a customized recommendation for the skin health results you want.
We here at Dermatology Associates of Seattle prioritize effective results with successful treatments which can only be achieved through accurate medical diagnosis. Request an appointment today to see which of these products is best for your skin.