Chemical Peels

For treatment of melasma, fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, acne, large pores, acne scars, and surgical and injury scars.

Chemical Peels Seattle

Our licensed Master Aestheticians at Dermatology Associates of Seattle will begin treatment by prepping and cleansing the skin to ensure removal of oil and debris.

The peel mixture will then be applied to exfoliate the top layer of skin on the face, followed by an application of a hydrating solution. The treatment ends with a smoothing of medical-grade sun protection. Our peels will eventually leave your skin glowing and smooth.

It's important to know that even though peel are popular and wildly available treatment, you will get the best results and lowest risk by having the chemical peel done by one of our Master Aestheticians.

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You can feel confident scheduling your appointment with one of our expert, master licensed aestheticians today. Together, we can put together a treatment plan for you based on your individual skin type, needs and concerns.

Our Chemical Peel Treatments:

Chemical Peels involve removing layers of the upper skin. This process requires extensive training and knowledge of medical dermatology to do it safely. Chemical Peel treatment options are as follows:

Glycoala Peel:

This highly specialized peel is really useful to help smooth the surface of the skin, lighten small brown spots, improve acne and shrink pores. After cleansing the skin carefully, a lotion containing a photosentizer (Ala) is applied to the skin. After 45 mins, you will be placed under a special red light which is the activator for the Ala. Because the Ala will penetrate into the pores, this is an excellent treatment for enlarged pores. The skin will be somewhat reddened for a few days and be dry and flaky healing to leave smoother softer skin. Treatments are generally done in a series at $450 per peel treatment. [ Make an appointment }

Cosmelan Peel:

The Cosmelan peel is our "secret sauce" for the treatment of melasma. Although grouped with the chemical peels, it doesn't actually work by peeling the skin, it contains special ingredients which stop the production of the excess brown pigment in the skin. Peeling is merely a side effect of the treatment, not the way it works. It is usually a one time peel and is painless. There can be some redness and flaking of the skin for up to a week or so after the treatment. Cost for our Clinical Cosmelan Peel is $700 peel treatment. [ Learn more about cosmelan peels }

Chemical Peel Results: Before & After

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