You may have heard about various injections and fat transfer techniques (currently in use elsewhere); unfortunately, these procedures are quite risky.

Several deaths have been reported from Butt Lift Injections and are not (nor have they ever been) implemented here at Dermatology Associates of Seattle.

What we do have is something that offers better results and improved health. What we have is EmSculpt. This technology is a new, health-benefiting technology that stimulates the muscles of the butt (and other areas). The technology not only boasts health-benefiting side-effects but far greater stimulation of your muscles than could ever be achieved through exercise. These results occur because EmSculpt stimulates 100% of your muscle fibers; 20,000 times in 30 minutes. EmSculpt is currently in use by celebrities Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez (Jlo), Cary Deuber, Kim Zolciak Biermann, Lisa Rinna, Drew Barry more, and many more.

Treatments are painless and can be repeated to your desired look. Please schedule a consultation today and tell us the way you want your body to look.

Peter Jenkin, MD, FAAD, FRCPC
Board-Certified Dermatologist,
Clinic Director
Dermatology Associates of Seattle

Peter Jenkin, Clinic Director and Board-Certified Dermatologist at Dermatology Associates of Seattle is available for consultation. For scheduling and information, visit us at