Q: How do you navigate between new technology and patient satisfaction?

Dr. Jenkin: When you're in private practice, you've got to think about what the results are going to be for the patient, at a certain price. If you're going to charge X number of dollars for a certain procedure, then you want those patients to be happy with the results. And so there are some devices out there, and I will name them where they get really good results in 30% of their patients. And the treatments are expensive. And that's not a business model, I choose to follow up. I want happy patients, and I don't want to be risking doing treatments that patients pay a lot of money for and not having patients happy.

Q: What is your approach to develop and maintain the trust of the patients?

Dr. Jenkin: I do think that we've generated a very high level of trust because of the fact that even if the patient sees our Esthetician for a consultation, and only sees the Esthetician for each of whatever treatments that they have, the fact that they've met me that I've reviewed the plan and given it my stamp of approval. They know that I'm here that their treatment is being supervised that it's been appropriately planned out for them. And I think that that's developed a lot of trust in the practice.

It's a matter of picking the right people, making sure that they know what they're doing, making sure they're comfortable what they're doing, and also making sure that they know that they can come and get me for whatever reason, on a moment's notice. I am always there for them. There's never a situation where they're going to feel that they're sort of having to hoof it on their own and make their own decisions or maybe get into an area they're not quite sure about what they should do. They always know that they can come and get me on a moment's notice and I'm there for them and help them and advise them.

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