Ab Sculpting

Specialized fat burning for flabby bellies, beer guts, love handles, and stubborn mid-sections.

Stomach Sculpting Seattle

Advanced, non-Invasive ab sculpting and fat reduction treatments for all levels of severity.

One of our most popular procedures, Ab Sculpting, removes excess belly fat while simultaneously tightening the skin on your stomach. However, unlike other ab freezing and 'burning' treatments - ours does so with smooth, even results. No lumps, no waves, and no dips. The result is natural-looking, proportionately toned abs that you will love. This treatment can also address stubborn love handles or any imperfect fatty back areas. Our providers have extensive and on-going training for ab sculpting procedures for a wide range of body types with varying degrees of excess fat. This procedure requires no scalpels, stitches, and leaves no scars since zero cuts are made. In fact, the treatment rebuilds your ab with improved strength. Another difference with our ab sculpting treatment is that it literally burns fat.

Ab sculpting results are often visible in about a month into treatment

These treatment results are often visible about a month into treatment but most dramatic three months after treatment. Fat loss due to our ab sculpting treatments is enhanced when combined with any exercise or combination of treatments suggested by our providers. To find out how we can help achieve your goals, please call to request a consultation when we can fully discuss your desires and how we might achieve them.

Ab Sculpting Treatments:

Traditional procedures treat the fat without strengthening, toning and defining the muscle. Our unique procedure promotes muscle strength and growth and literally burns fat, a virtual time-machine for your abs, stomach and back.

Our Emsculpt Ab Sculpting Treatment:

Our providers have found our Emsculpt arm sculpting treatment to be very effective for improving the strength and tone of the stomach and abs and, at the same time, burning fat. With our unique process with Emsculpt certification and on-going update training, your treatment with us will result in having stomach more muscular and better-toned arms. Some regular exercise routines will extend the effects of Emsculpt's muscle-building treatment, but patients can expect up to 9 months of improved tone and strength without exercise. Regular treatments will maintain and improve the results gained. There is no pain, no discomfort during the 20-minute treatment.
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Our Vanquish ME Ab Sculpting Treatment:

Vanquish harnesses radiofrequency (RF) energy to painlessly and provides a nonsurgical fat reduction with no downtime. Vanquish ME is a U-shaped field radiofrequency device. Typically, four weekly treatments are administered to reduce fat along with the abs and shoulders. The Vanquish applicator is a smaller treatment applicator that is ideal for treating unwanted fat in the mid-section. (The thighs can also be treated with this applicator) [ Learn more about Vanquish ME }

Our Stomach Sculpting Results: Before & After

Stomach Sculpting Before & AfterBefore / After
Ab SculptingBefore / After
Stomach Sculpting Before & AfterBefore / After